Winning Interactions

From Conversion to Customer Lifetime Value with Artificial Intelligence.

How can you outperform your e-commerce competitors with artificial intelligence?

How can you succeed when communication happens mainly digitally?

We make first-class growth approaches based on artificial intelligence affordable.

+15% turnover

9 A-/B-tested strategies

+6% margin

same 9 strategies

+4.7% average order value

same 9 strategies


real numbers,
scaled to 10 Mio. turnover

Michael Ammann, CEO & Co-Founder of Boxalino

«We enable companies and organizations to bring realtime interaction intelligence to their online shops, portals and applications.»

One size fits all or right on target? 

What if Artificial Intelligence guided each visitor optimally, individually and automatically in real time? Like a perfect salesperson?

Unclear view on customers needs or solid data-driven insights?

What if you understood your visitors and customers needs and future behavior based on their interactions better than ever before?

Supporting or blocking?

What if you could finally understand the impact relationship between your customer segments, campaigns, offers, content, brands and products much better and connect the dots?

Marketing & IT costs ROI or lost money?

What if you could multiply the accuracy and agility of your marketing department while reducing the burden on your IT department?

Interaction Optimization

Just connect your existing e-commerce touchpoints like online-shop, smartphone app, e-mail software to the Boxalino® Realtime Cloud-Platform.

Best-practice strategies and Artificial Intelligence will kick in immediately to optimize your touchpoints behavior. Every widget, every piece of content and even the layout can be adapted to the individual journey of each and every visitor.  

Interaction Analytics

Interaction Analytics – powered by the incredible Google® Cloud Platform and Boxalino® Data Science Ecosystem – reveals insights for executives and managers and for automated processes.

Interaction Automation

Gain competitiveness by automating existing tasks and installing new activities to generate added value.

Calculate individual next-best actions for your customers, select content and offers with predictive sales algorithms, automate intelligent subscription models to increase customer loyalty, compute and update clusters automatically etc.

Automate data preparation actions to create a solid data foundation for customer interactions and insight generation.

Risk-free onboarding - limitless growth

Fast onboarding, low risk, opt-out guarantee and high profits enable you to achieve a quick return on investment with little to lose and a lot to gain.

From dozens of best-practices, «ready-to-fly» machine learning models up to individually optimized machine learning and data science activities.

Pick what fits your needs the best and start to optimize and train the intelligence with your 3 months trial.

Boxalino's cloud platform and dedicated support enables us to actively manage our online KPIs. We have continuously, year after year, increased our revenue by double-digit percentages.

Renzo Schweri and Dominic Blaesi

Founders of

What are your business-model and type of products?

Our AI-based optimization is geared to your goals.
It perfectly supports the positioning and value proposition of your company.
Instead of black box algorithms, we offer you highly configurable optimization strategies.
Improving all your touchpoints.

B2C, B2B, D2C and mixed forms?

With our «Winning Interactions» platform we serve successfully Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business and Direct-to-Consumer customers.

Who are you for your customers?

Best-price provider, service-focused, content-focused, guided-shopping partner etc.?
How can your «personality» be supported best?

Pureplayer or OMNI-Channel Provider?

What are your key touchpoints?
An Online-Shop, maybe an App, E-Mail, printed material, Call-Center and possibly Point-of-Sales?

What you can expect

Transparent, auditable data

Only access to auditable full (non-aggregated) data gives you the transparency and details required with Data Science.

Affordable, fair prices & high ROI

Usage-based pricing empowers you independent of your size to benefit from cutting-edge technologies.

Many years of expertise

Our own journey in interactions optimization and analytics started with an EU research project in 2002.

It's all about winning

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to boost your success and outperform your competitors.

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