Customer Acquisition Support

«Do you acquire single transactions or loyal customers?»

New clients, existing clients & lost/inactive clients

With "Optimization of online KPIs" we address all aspects to convert visitors into paying customers. And to increase the customer retention of visitors who come to your website without the intention to buy, but with the desire and need to read content and check your latest offers.With "Targeted communication" we address all the work (automated & manual) in the background. Like computing clusters, building profiles, calculating "next best actions", selecting the right channels etc.

Customer Acquistion:Realtime when your customers are online.Timeshifted when they are offline.

Be ready 24 x 7 to score the goal

Companies spend a lot of effort in money and time to bring visitors to their portals and online-shops.How well do you understand the success contribution or failure-rate of your pages and widgets in the customer journey?And the interdependencies of the strategies to optimize your KPIs?

The moment of truth

What's next?

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