Online Key Performance Indicators Optimization
Realtime User Experience Optimization
This is about the «realtime communication excellence»

Some visitors will always buy. Some never.
Let's optimize the results for the big chunk in the middle.

Visitors arrive on your portal, your online-shop on different pages: the homepage, brand pages, product detail pages etc. That's the result of different campaigns in Google® with search engine marketing, remarketing, Google Shopping®, same for Facebook®, Instagram®, E-mail marketing etc.Save costs, increase results with truly dynamic, engaging interactions reflecting the current state of the visitor on their journey and their profile.


Customer Journeys

Imagine the visitor is landing on one of your product detail-pages, maybe coming from Google Shopping®.Another visitor will reach the same product detail-page through your onsite-search function.Should they really look the same?Or should the person arriving on the product-detail page see some trust-building information, like a good customer testimonial, while the other visitor does not see that?Or should the person arriving on the product-detail page NOT see some trust-building information, because it's a known, loyal customer? But see some persuasive additional offers?Those questions apply to many different pages, not only your landing pages and the solution requires advanced technologies.To make things highly dynamic, measure the impact, to eliminate manual work to the biggest extend possible.

Landing Pages

There are many personalization providers on the market.Many of them with proprietary approaches and algorithms and black box approaches where you have little or no control over how they work.In our opinion, instead, you should first be enabled to define your goals and specify the constraints in detail.Maybe you have a campaign with a provider, want to launch a new brand, a new product and want to limit the effect of personalization for a certain time.Secondly, you should maintain a balance between the interests of your company and the interests of the customer. Personalization must achieve a win-win balance.

Your control instead
of black-box tools

Typical commercial and open-source technologies for portals, online-shops, apps etc. don't provide the features to become highly dynamic. We see the same for inhouse developments which seldomly have the capacity to provide all those advanced capacities.Or have included A-/B-testing features or give you affordable access to the incredible power of the Google Cloud Platform® and all it's data processing and artificial intelligence toolset.And on top of that, the Boxalino «Winning Interactions» Platform includes cutting-edge technologies from additional suppliers to roll out the red carpet for you to the promised land of artifical intelligence based, high-impact optimizations. 

Technical Limitations

Some samples

Conversion Rate

Correct measurement of the conversion rate can prove difficult. The correct approach to the subject requires much more depth than what we can write about here in the introduction. But some first ideas can hopefully help. Let's assume that a good customer buys 4 times a year in your online shop.But you add a well thought out area for content marketing.Customers come more often to enjoy your content, say twice a month, resulting in 24 additional visits without a purchase.Should you add some new goals in tracking? Should you give them a $ value? How to measure the conversion rate properly?

What can you do to increase or at least protect your conversion rate?We see that online stores have serious problems with the user experience. Such as non-dynamic and not really meaningful sorting of product listings, problems with on-site search, unfriendly navigation, etc.To address the issue of conversion rates, we really need to break it down and in many places we need to address problems such as optimizing various aspects up to the question of quality versus quantity of traffic.

A very important aspect: the Boxalino "Winning Interactions" platform is designed so that you can configure your own strategies and easily apply and test them on selected segments.We by no means claim to know things better in all their aspects, even though we have very strong built-in strategies, extensive experience and at the same time we see in all our clients that they can significantly increase their success when their own ideas become reality thanks to our platform.

Bounce Rate and landing pages

The way modern campaigns are structured leads to the situation that many sites must be ready to take on the role of a successful, inviting landing page. This leads to technical requirements to control the layout and content of many pages in a much more granular way than before.And to use smart and realtime individualized strategies when working with content to increase trust and commitment.

Average Order Value and share-of-wallet

Higher average order value are a common goal.To increase the margin per order, the overall revenue etc.Various up- and cross-selling strategies help to achieve the goal.What we learned: it is a) about the relevant incentive and b) about the moment and the way it is presented. Again, this leads to technical requirements a typical software cannot satisfy. If you limit what you do only to what is available out-of-the-box you might limit your success painfully.

One of the very often overlooked optimization axes is to apply strategies to increase the share-of-wallet. But what is the right way and moment in the digital channels to educate and motivate customers to engage more with your assortment?

Search Exit Rate

Typically 15% of visitors use the onsite-search. And very often they contribute more than 50% to the overall revenue.No, normally it does not help to try to make more visitors use the search ;-)
Because the usage of the search is very often an indication of a different level of engagement.Yes, many optimizations around the search function help to improve a bunch of search-related KPIs.
Part of them can be applied automatically, others need manual intervention.We provide you with a platform, where you can control again in a very finegrained manner autocomplete behavior, sorting of results, injection of content into results and many other "details" more.Among them the highly effective optimization of facets.When we measure features like "change the sort order of the results" we learn, that they are not used the way our customers typically hope. 
So we are forced to show relevant search results to the best degree possible.


We compute different KPIs to optimize the sorting of product listings.
One of them is the display-$-value.Do you have products eating up the most prominent space on the top of product listings without being really the stars? We call those products "imposter".Do you have products which would deserve a higher ranking due their revenue contribution but are listed to low in the listings? We call those products "orphan".And what do you do with new arrivals which should get a fair chance on the stage but have small numbers of sales so far? We call them "rising star".Typical bestseller-based rankings don't do a good job and are not flexible at all. This is why we have many strategies to control those situations. Typically we do ranking-oriented A-/B-testing to see which strategies deliver best performance. Related to clusters / segments.Can your infrastructure provide such features?

Effectiveness and efficiency of content marketing

For many of our clients content marketing is highly impactful.Increased visit frequency, better customer interest and need understanding, higher retention, easier introduction of new brands and products, higher trust etc.But how does your current infrastructure to measure the impact of content? Which topics perform the best? For which customer segments? Do you have big differences among your editors?And how does your current infrastructure allow to inject content accurately to trigger desired actions?

Control of the brand, product and content focus

Some of our clients - not all of them - have very tight relationships with their suppliers and run campaigns together.How to rank some brands or products higher for the duration of a joint campaign? But without sacrificing sales for clients with other preferences?How to change the order of banner-slides accordingly?

Those and many other aspects can easily be controlled with one configuration for many widgets. Including what you show to selected customers in mass E-mail marketing campaigns.

What's next?

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