Data Science Ecosystem

Your red carpet to the data-land

We setup a Google Cloud® based data science environment for every client.You don't need to work with this environment directly. Thanks to all the integration work we did for you, to connect your touchpoints to the Boxalino «Winning Interactions» Platform and therefore get access to all the power of this data science ecosystem through our user interfaces.If you prefer, you can get your own direct access to the data science ecosystem - dive into the data, setup artificial intelligence applications etc.

Data Science out-of-the-box?

Typically around 80% of the costs spent in data science projects are about data engineering and not about what really matters to you most.The battle-proved data structures and processing pipelines free a lot of time to focus on what makes a real difference for your business. 

Save up to 80% of the data engineering costs.

What's next?

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