Competitiveness gain & direct financial impact

«We make first-class growth approaches based on artificial intelligence affordable»

«Winning Interactions» growth goals

  • continuously optimize the effectiveness of customer acquisition, retention and reactivation through real-time onsite optimization and time-shifted interactions
  • gain precise insights into customer needs and behavior as well as decision-supporting facts through interaction analyses
  • improve time-to-market and agility through ready-to-use components and decoupling of marketing and IT departments
  • reduce marketing and IT costs through ready-made, field-tested optimization strategies and automation
  • gain know-how and expertise by working with proven experts to become more data-oriented and overcome typical costly hurdles


«Winning Interactions» safe onboarding

Just connect the existing touchpoints you want to optimize - online-shop, app, portal, e-mail etc. - to the Boxalino «Winning Interactions» realtime platform.

Together we configure goals and best practices and get your trial started. Our opt-out guarantee for the trial period offers you maximum security.

Benefit of the results of fully automated, artificial intelligence based optimizations. Next you can go further and implement additional optimizations on your own or engage Boxalino or a Boxalino-certified partner - give wings to your ideas!

Last-but-not least you can carry out your own data science projects or again engage Boalino or a Boxalino-certified partner.

Easy onboarding and limitless growth path

+15% turnover

9 A-/B-tested strategies

+6% margin

same 9 strategies

+4.7% average order value

same 9 strategies


real numbers

Real customer example, absolute numbers scaled to 10'000'000€ yearly turnover.

4 out of 9 optimization strategies, A-/B-tested, statistical confidence > 95%:

  • Promote Click-Through and Buy-Through (Display$Value) in basket recommendations and search
  • Promote Term-based Click-Through and Buy-Through (Display$Value) in search
  • Promote Customer Cluster Top-Seller for recognized customers on the home page
  • Bought-together Collaborative Filtering in accessories widget

«Winning Interactions» growth activities

  • Online KPIs optimization
  • Target-oriented communication
  • Interactions Analytics & Insights
  • Marketing & IT decoupling & performance
  • Out-of-the-box data science ecosystem
  • Automation – cheaper / better / faster
  • Collecting know-how and expertise


22% search exit rate reduction

10x faster time-to-market
with visual experience and behavioral changes

+9% share-of-wallet

What's next?

Do you acquire single transactions or loyal customers?

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