Targeted Communication
This is about the «non-realtime communication excellence»

There is a lot of truth in behavioral data.
And efficiency in data-powered automation.

Smartly triggered E-mail messages, app push messages or in-browser notifications?Automated, predictive sales strategies with more than 4x higher conversion rates?Channel selection to optimize budget spendings? Like E-mails for less valuable prospects, maybe SMS for the more interesting ones and even physical mailings for high value customers?Announcements of new products to precisely selected target groups?Highly targeted and individualized discount coupons to reactivate customers?Smart subscriptions to increase loyalty for 5%+ of your customers?Automatic "next best action" computation?Intelligent data feeds for your marketing activities?Automated data enrichment to build the basis for optimized user experience?Further automation of various tasks to increase efficience, effectivness and lower costs.

Behavioral data,
your gold mine, many opportunities

Activities based on product-, content-, transactional- and behavioral-data.
Many prebuild in the Boxalino «Winning Interaction» Platform, provided by Boxalino partners and added by your own team.

Please ask our experts to see what you can get out-of-the-box and where individual projects are required.

Built-in, configurable and indivual projects

What's next?

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