Frequently asked questions

Which portal and online shop technologies are supported?

Our customers connect their existing portal, online-shop, apps etc. software through a battle-proven application programming interface (API) with the «Winning Interactions» platform.This means you can connect any solution with our platform.For some technologies, like Magento®, ShopWare®, WordPress® and others we provide plugins to ease the integration even more.Some of our clients prefer to program their own solutions instead of using standard software. They also use the API and learned, that they saved a lot of programming, testing and maintenance efforts, because the «Wining Interacitions» platform provides many important building blocks out-of-the-box.Additionally they don't only save time but gain much more flexibility for the marketing team like all of our clients.

Which e-mail marketing solutions are supported?

You can easily intergrate all e-mail marketing solutions with our «Winning Interactions» platform.We have clients using Emarsys®, MailChimp(*), Sendinblue(*) etc.

Which languages do you support?

Complementary to Web Analytics and traditional BI.
Behavioral data with a level of detail you have not seen so far.

Understand the impact relationship between your customer segments, campaigns, offers, content, brands and products much better and connect the dots.

Insights which will put you in a strong position in negotations with suppliers, help you in strategical decisions and operational, marketing-focused work.

Do I need to understand AI and Data Science?

No. The «Winning Interactions» platform encapsulates tons of cool artifical intelligence and data science features so that you have an easy access while getting still the big bunch of the benefits.On the other hand even SMBs can afford to engage an external data scientist a) working efficiently with the well structured data in our «Winning Interactions» platform and b) integrate the found insights in form of correlation matrices, predictive models or own algorithms to be used in the realtime optimization, the targeted communication and in the automation.That's also what we mean when we say "Easy onboarding and limitless growth path".

How much of my teams time do I need to allocate?

Important question.Lawyers anser applies: it depends.You can go from completely automated, where you need to be involved in the initial configuration of your goals. Typically you should spend 1-2 days to achieve this.Many of our clients book an Optimization-as-a-Service package where they have to spend a few ours per cycle and depending on the available traffic a cycle takes 2-3 weeks.A few of our clients saw that this type of data-oriented optimizations are bringing results and competitive advantages in a dimension, that they dedicated a person fully to those activities and some even hired their own data scientist.

Dou you offer a free trial?

Kind of. We offer you a 6 months trial period. If you are not satisfied you can cancel your services and we refund you the licenses you have paid so far. The only remain cost will be the onboarding fees for the onboarding efforts we provided to you.Seems to be a fair deal, right?

Can I speak to reference clients?

Sure. We love to bring you in contact with existing clients.After we had an introductory call and / or a free demo session we can give you the contact information.

Why do you focus on customer journeys?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

For this reason, we do not only focus on the isolated optimization of widgets, but take also care of the entire customer journey with all widgets.

All the widgets are intelligently driven by one intelligence for optimal interaction impact.

Is your question not answered?
Please contact us, we are happy to answer your questions!

What's next?

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