Key Features

Realtime user experience optimization

Most companies don't know the real contribution of widgets and content to turnover. To successfull customer journeys or the contrary, failed journeys, the exit reasons.

We can optimize all aspects. Layout of widgets and the widgets themselfes. As the content-selection and presentation, product-selection and presentation, banner-slides-selection and sorting, layout changes, optimized search behavior, intelligent product-finder etc.

Automated, pre-built optimization

Various pre-built and automated optimization strategies. For realtime and timeshifted measures.In contrast to many black-box provider we offer a highly configurable platform. This guarantees that you can adapt to your specific situation. And your specific strategic positioning and to your value proposition.

Powerful user interface

The browser-based user interface allows marketing people to control dozens of important aspects without requiring the involvment of the IT department anymore.10x faster time-to-market, less costs, finally really executed A-/B-tests and other advantages are the result.

Dozens of reports

Dozenz of reports about widgets-usage, cohort analysis, behavioral reports etc.For example: if you see the difference between what people see as a result of their actions (navigation, search etc.) and what they really buy you get a deeper understanding of how things should be sorted, presented.Start to understand in a much more detailled manner which are your VIP customers, what the customer lifetime value is, which initiatives and variants deliver the results.

Seen & clicked data

Using your data is like digging for gold.If you add "seen & clicked" data to your primary data and finally also data from A-/B-tests - experiments - you will benefit from a previously unseen gold vein.The data are well structured, very rich, unaggregated and aggregated in different stages, all of which are accessible to your team.

Data science ecosystem - GCP® at your fingertip

With the account creation we setup a Google Cloud Platform® based data science ecosystem for very customer.Including TensorFlowTM.Including the integration of further 3rd party, cutting edge technologies, like Apache Flink® for stream processing and pattern detection.This brings an incredibly powerful access to the worldwide leading data processing platforms and components.

What's next?

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