Our goal is to make the onboarding for you as easy as possible.The typical first technical integration, configuration of your goals and platform usage training are done in a 4-6 weeks duration.The effective time required for your team and/or web agency depends on your technologies. Many of our customers started sucessfully with an effort of 4-6 person days.

Plugins and API +
Best-Practice Configurations

We do offer an 6 months opt-out guarantee.If you start to work with our platform and decide to opt-out in the first 6 months, we refund the full license costs.We only charge you our onboarding support costs.Fair deal?

Opt-out guarantee

We grant discounts for minimum contract periods of our platform:For a minimum contract period of 12 months: 2 PT Onboarding Services includedWith a minimum contract period of 24 months: 4 PT Onboarding Services included

Onboarding support discount

What's next?

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