Boxalino's «Winning Interactions» realtime cloud platform needs to be connected to one or many of your existing touchpoints.Like your portal or online-shop.The initial setup of your account(s) is done by Boxalino - we do not provide a do-it-yourself account creation.We provide a well-documented application programming interface (API) and plugins for some standard software like Magento®, ShopWare® and others. We connect easily to content of system like WordPress® and others.A browser-based user interface allows you to configure many aspects, to start - with a simple click only - powerful A-/B-tests and monitor your setup.

A cloud platform

The 9 modules

3 modules in the Boxalino® Cloud Platform (BCP) serve the realtime optimization of all interactions.

6 modules in the Google Cloud Platform® (GCP) are about analytics, insights & reporting, AI automation and Data Warehouse and Data Science Lab applications.

Those modules are structured in a way to offer you a completely individual usage path. You can quickly onboard and only use fully automated optimizations up to high-end data science base optimizations with many possible intermediate steps.

What's next?

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