Our price model is not the simplest one possible. It is usage-based.Therefore it is really fair and allows every company, independent of their size, to use the best technologies available.The basis are the optimized sessions, the optimized turnover and the used modules / options.The prices are degressive and you can optimize up to 3 installations with one account.We have multi-installation offers for companies with > 3 installations.We don't charge for the uplift you gain - this would create potential conflicts of interest, which is a no-go in the domain where trust in data and partnership is the basis.

affordable and fair,

The monthly price ranges typically between 800 and 6'000 CHF/€/$.The return on invest is normally reached after 4-6 months.We offer a special package for startups and small shops (< 2'000'000 turnover / year).

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