The Difference

What makes us different and you more successful?

Key differences in the methodology, the platform architecture, the leverage of the Google Cloud Platform®, the collaboration and the coverage.

Excellent price/performance ratio and immediate ROI

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

For this reason, we do not only focus on the isolated optimization of widgets, but take also care of the entire customer journey with all widgets.

All the widgets are intelligently driven by one intelligence for optimal interaction impact.

Freedom of action without IT involvement

You gain the highest possible degree of freedom for relevant optimization and behavioral analytics without IT involvement.

Even to do perform highly dynamic and personalized content and layout (!) changes. And execute «One-click A-/B-tests».

An initial technical integration is required.

Unique growth path: from fully automated to own data science projects


Complete coverage of widgets in the Onsite Customer Journey + new smart widgets

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.For this reason, we do not only focus on the isolated optimization of widgets, but take also care of the entire customer journey with all widgets.All the widgets are intelligently driven by one intelligence for optimal interaction impact.

Sometimes the existing widgets are not helpful enough to support your value proposition and your customer guidance wishes.This is why the «Winning Interactions» platform enable you to create your own, unique widgets with all the data and intelligence in the back.

Work with the truth in data

Behavioral data is different. The depth and richness gives you tons of information about customer needs, customer behavior, which triggers result in actions, which topics in content marketing attract readers and generate orders etc.New KPIs support you in understanding your customers much better.One sample: if your products prices range from let's say a few EUR/CHF/$ and a few thousands, what is the value of a global average order value (AOV) KPI?What is a valuable definition of a «best seller»? One of the key strategies to sort product listings in standard software?How do you define an inactive or a lost customer?How can you predict a customer lifetime value (CLV)?

New KPIs, deeper and richer data help you understand and serve customers better, convert more visitors to customers, retain customers better and win-back lost ones and therefore generate higher CLVs.

But wait, one important thing should be mentioned additionally. It is about quantification.Data-driven quantification helps you to figure out, where optimization efforts should be spent.Allocate your energy, time and money where it really matters.

Fully integrated one-click A/B testing

For most of the people we speak with it is the same:
They know about the valuable insights A/B testing yields. And they did, but often only once or twice.Why?It is to complicated.The «Winning Interactions» platform allows optimization strategies including predictive models to be A/B tested with only one click.

Depending on the traffic affected by an A/B test and the difference you will get to a statistical confidence of > 95% in a matter of a few weeks.Just imagine to create a new test in 30-60 minutes and see tangible results soon.No more gut feeling, best guess or whatever judgement - real causation insights.

OMNI-Channel Support

With the «Winning Interactions» platform in the back, you can consistently manage the communication experience of your customers.Portal, online-shop, app, E-Mail, SMS, browser notification, even more physical touchpoints like point-of-sales support apps, call-center apps and personalized physical mailings.

Low-Risk Onboarding, removal of «plugin zoos»

Small onboarding efforts allow to get a trial up and running very quickly.And if you want to opt-out after a 6-month trial period, we refund the licence fees, you only need to cover our onboarding costs.
In addition many of our clients managed to remove plugins from different providers and simplified their infrastructure. Reducing conflicting situations with new versions of all the involved software systems.And lowering costs dramatically.

Full transparency and know-how transfer

You can get full access to all your data, auditable data, for full transparency.We believe to leverage the immense value and competitive advantages in data you need to trust the data.Completely.

If you also opt-in for our Optimization-as-a-Service we and our partners additionally train you help you to build up your own expertise.This supports our joint race to outperform your competitors.

Data Science App Store and Artificial Intelligence Integration

Data Scientists can develop and deploy optimization modules in our «Winning Interactions» platform. This means, you can just give those «Apps» a try and keep them if you like them.And as a data scientist you have access to the «Winning Interactions» platform clients. Plus an easy commercial model out-of-the-box.

If you are a cool AI software provider, we can connect your solution into our ecosystem and make it easily accessible.

What's next?

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